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Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited
The Company announces that Mr. Yogendra Kr. Modi, Executive Chairman, and Mr. Prashant Modi, Managing Director & CEO, purchased through YKM Holdings International Ltd., 735,216 GDRs at 27p each on 7 April 2017 in the Company (1 GDR represents 0.5 underlying ordinary share of INR 10 each). The Company was notified on 7 April 2017.

GEECL Company Website
Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) in India. GEECL is a fully integrated, leading Indian CBM company focused on the monetisation of natural gas from coal seams.

GEECL- Board Of Directors
At GEECL, Yogendra Kumar Modi serves as the Executive Chairman and Prashant Modi is the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer.

Geecl CBM Blocks
The Great Eastern Energy Corporation is likely to be one of the bidders for the fourth round of coal bed methane (CBM) block auction."We are looking to bid for CBM blocks opened in fourth round of auction by the government, currently assessment of the resources opened under auction is being done," former chief operating officer GEECL Prashant Modi told reporters in Ahmedabad on Tuesday.

GEECL likely to bid for CBM blocks
GEECL plans to dilute 10 per cent of company equity holding through Initial Pulic Offering (IPO) route in India. "We plan to raise Rs 400 crore from the market by this year end, Prashant Modi said.

Great Eastern Energy bid for CBM blocks
Prashant Modi said "The company has completed 30 wells as on July 2009, with 23 additional wells in various stages of completion, and has commissioned one gas gathering station,".

GE Energy to invest Rs 3000 cr in CBM exploration
GEECL, which already has 23 CBM wells in the Asansol -Burnpur block, would drill 80 more production wells in the first phase by 2009. It plans to drill 200 additional wells in the second phase, said company Chairman and CEO Y K Modi.

GEECL to invest Rs 3k cr in CBM exploration
Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd (GEECL), which inaugurated India's first coal bed methane (CBM)-based CNG gas station here, plans to invest Rs 3,000 crore in CBM exploration and distribution by 2013.

Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited is an integrated gas production, development and exploration company. The Company is engaged in providing gas to the industrial region of West Bengal. The Company is involved in the extraction and sale of coal bed methane (CBM)/compressed natural gas (CNG) gas in India. The Company produces gas from the Raniganj (South) license area, which covers approximately 210 square kilometers, with over 2.62 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of Gas-in-Place.

GEECL completes second natural gas pipeline
Prashant Modi, Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited, commented: "Great Eastern Energy is delighted to commission its second trunk pipeline connecting its Central Gathering Station to Kulti, thus achieving another milestone in the construction of its pipelines and midstream infrastructure.

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