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Prashant Modi who has been associated with GEECL since 1996, has contributed greatly in the Success stories of GEECL, the company was founded way back in 1996 – four years later the inception of the firm. Along with Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd, he is also closely associated with the Promoter Group companies. Mr. Prashant Modi looks after the day-to-day operations of GEECL. With his vision and knowledge, Great Eastern is persistent in supplying to its existing customers and simultaneously adding further new industrial customers.

Mr. Prashant Modi can be praised for his efforts in listing the Company’s GDRs at the Alternate Investment Market in the London Stock Exchange in 2005 and 2006. He invested his time in earnest and conscientious activity to list GEECL in the main board of the London Stock Exchange. And his efforts finally paid off in May 2010.

Mr. Modi, is a very confident and visionary man. He can be called the backbone of the company. With his knowledge and dedicated team, the company experienced fruitful years; each year, marking a milestone. He is the leader who has focused commitment in the routine operations of the Company.

Under the leadership of Prashant Modi, Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited (GEECL), a company founded in 1992 is a pioneer in the field of CBM in India, has successfully become a leader as a vertically integrated gas supplier.

While focusing on exploration, production and development program, the company has given utmost priority to Corporate Social Responsibility. With the support and directions from Prashant Modi, GEECL has shown committed towards creating a positive impact on the society and contributing to socio - economic development.

Thanks to the efforts made by Mr. Prashant Modi, Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited became the first Indian Company to be listed on the London Stock Market. The pioneering enterprise to extract methane gas from West Bengal coal-bed blocks began in 2007. Until that time, no other Indian company had attempted this.


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